Our mission, values and results

Our mission

Our mission is simple: We provide loving care and support for children who would otherwise be living on the streets, so they can take their place as successful, contributing adults in Kenyan society. This has guided us from the beginning. All the children know it.

Our values

Eating Stone children are a family, each one a brother or sister, and Eating Stone is their home. The organisation’s values are based on humanist principles of reciprocity, equality, generosity, hard work, resilience, gratitude, collaboration, conciliation and respect.

Our results

The children of Eating Stone are confident, with a high self-worth, and know that they are the future of Kenya. They know they can create a successful and sustainable life for themselves through making good choices, applying consistent effort and through unerring dedication. They go into adulthood knowing they have a responsibility to make Kenya a better place for all.

These aren’t just empty words.

You can see below the long list of our young people who are now gainfully employed, have earned (or are working towards) university degrees and other professional certifications – qualifications necessary for employment in their chosen professions.

Rosemary Achieng at her graduation

Eating Stone alumni – current employment (abbreviated list)

  • Akinyi Noel – Security Guard
  • Caleb Ochieng – Plumber
  • Calvins Owino Lumumba* – Secondary School Teacher
  • Catherine Wafula – Beautician
  • Cletus Odhiambo – Pharmacist
  • Dan Chege – Carpenter
  • Dan Rachier – Electrician
  • Dina Nekesa – Laboratory Technician
  • Domingo Tedy – Salesperson
  • Fredrick Omondi – Heavy Machine Operator
  • George Onyango – Painter
  • Harriet Loice Aoko* – Primary School Teacher
  • Imeldah Jane Auma* – Primary School Teacher
  • Jeremiah (“Daddy”) Chilton Otieno* – Secondary School Teacher
  • Job Ochieng – Driver
  • Kevin Ochieng – Auto Mechanic
  • Maureen Auma – Nurse
  • Mercy Nyambura – Tailor
  • Peter Mito* – Primary School Teacher, IT and mathematics
  • Rosemary Achieng – Secondary School Teacher
  • Samuel Okore – Certified Accountant
  • Victor Moris – Cobbler

Eating Stone alumni – currently in education (abbreviated list)

  • Bonphace Ochieng – third year, Structural Engineering
  • Eunice Akinyi – first year, Nursing
  • Evans Ayako – third year, Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • Joseph Omondi – third year, Statistics & Information Technology
  • Michelle Auma – first year, Bachelor of Arts in Community Development
  • Sylvia Vijedi – first & final year, Catering (one year course)

* These young people have previously taught, or are still teaching, at our on-site primary school, Wisdom Academy.

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