Eating Stone Organisation Kenya 2008

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Eating Stone Children’s Home near Kikuyu Town in Kenya provides essential refuge – food, shelter and education – for over 65 children who were orphaned by the AIDS pandemic, orphaned by the 2007-2008 post-election violence, or otherwise abandoned.

Our on-site Wisdom Academy Primary School provides education for all Eating Stone children plus an additional 15 children whose guardians can’t afford to educate them.

The wellbeing of these children is due entirely to generous donations from caring people all over the world; we receive no government funding. We welcome your contribution, and you can know that 100% of your money goes toward food, shelter and education, enabling the children to grow up with strong values, so they become successful, contributing adults.

A video created by two wonderful, young, Swedish women, Sara Elliot and Klara Jirblom, who gave their time, energy, talents and love to the children of Eating Stone

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