Christmas 2021

Tracey Farleigh (UK Board Member) and her enthusiastic group once again made Christmas such a wonderful and memorable time for the Eating Stone family. They raised funds (and then some) for their special holiday meal including roast chicken and chips, chapatis and much loved Nyama choma (roasted goat). They designed and printed a beautiful Christmas card featuring photos of Tracey and the late John Forsythe, the ES children and a “John quote” on the back of the card, “Everything has an end, except a sausage, which has two.” 

Each of the ES family received a card with a “friend” letter tucked inside. These were all hand delivered by Gerald Ngugi who was visiting his family in Kenya. He also had a special surprise from the UK supporters….a Christmas tree with lights! This was the first time the children have ever had a tree!

Proper prep…
…provides for a sumptuous meal
…including some nyama choma! Yum!
First ever ever Xmas tree
The decorating bit was everyone’s business!
Meaning a meal with a view!
A special presentation for Gerald Ngugi (and friend) for all the welcome goodies!

A few other select photos featuring some cuteness overload, wide grins and exuberant poses!

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